Top Countries to Work As an Educator

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Education is important in most countries and working as an educator is among the most reputable careers. Not only does teaching have the highest rate of job satisfaction, the hours are reasonable and the amount of holidays is also to be desired.
With that said, we’ve narrowed down the best countries to work as an educator.


As one of the richest countries in the world, teachers can expect to earn more on their first few years than teachers hope to expect in their careers. Luxembourg is small country within Europe with just over 500,000 people. A large size of the population is foreign born which has played a strong role in the multilingualism and cultural diversity.
Not only does it show in customs and celebrations but also in the architecture, museums, cultural centers and more. German is taught during the early years with French to follow. Students also have the option of learning Spanish, Italian, and Latin.


As a country of contrast, you can spend the day in rural village and enjoy the nightlife by night. Japan is already a popular destination for foreign teachers due to the appealing livelihood of the country. The demand for teachers are high, especially those who can speak and teach English. International schools and universities seem to have the highest pay rates in the country.

United States

The United States has without a doubt one of the highest standards of education. Provided by both public and private schools, the United States has the highest budget per student. There are plenty of teaching opportunities as well as available for foreign teachers.


Scotland ranks quite most the top most-educated countries in all of Europe. Scotland is known to take their education system vigorously as audits are often conducted. The purpose is to keep their quality of education in check as the programs of education are the basic step to teaching.

Scotland has a distinctive educational system from other parts of the UK. The Scottish emphasize more on a range of subjects like the English, Northern Irish, and Welsh focus on range list of subjects.

South Korea

According to data, teachers are one of the most valued professions in South Korea. However, it can be difficult to find a teaching job as the competition is high and standards are maintained for positions. With the right candidate, the benefits are endless.

However, getting a teaching position in Korea requires you to pass several civil service tests. For foreign teachers, they can receive airfare, housing, and bonus pay in their contacts, while local Korean teachers do not receive the same treatment.

A student conducted by the Korean Institute for Health and Social Affairs suggest that 60% of Korean students were unhappy with their life as students have the highest level of pressure related to stress and school. This could be due to the long 10-14 hour school days and the high-stakes testing.


Denmark is known for their stellar literacy rate of 99%, which reflects on the emphasis of education and teaching. The country follows a specific format tuition-free education and specializes in academies for training educators.

Students in Denmark play an active role in their own process of learning. This method is considered in how they are encouraged to find solutions to problems and discuss as a group.


In Canada, students are under less pressure when compared to other countries on our list. Teachers create diversified methods of teaching in class such as role playing and group activities. Teachers also provide handouts for classes while assignments are rather practical. On average, Canadian teachers earn a median of 43,271 euros a year.
Canadian students are able to pursue their interests as students can use their imagination to express opinions. In other countries like China, parents prefer students to deal with difficult questions. While in Canada, parents prefer giving students suitable questions.


In Australia, the average starting pay is about $55,000 Australian dollars which can increase to nearly $100,000 or more. The curriculum focuses on the students’ ability to use their knowledge and capabilities to compete and thrive in the global community.

What do you think about the educational system of these top countries around the world? Comment below and share your opinions with us!

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