Top 6 Countries With the Best Education Systems in the World

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Education is important, no matter when you live in the world. But not every country shares the same views and lessons. In the western world, we often assume that our education system is the best. However, according to research and data, that may be far from the truth.

According to investigations and findings, East Asian countries continue to outperform other nations around the world. As South Korea tops the rank, Japan follows as second, with Singapore following close by. All these systems have been shown to provide clear learning outcomes with a high culture of engagement and accountability.

In this article, we’ve narrowed down the top 6 countries with the best education systems in the world.

1. South Korea

As South Korean and Japan were hard competition to rank 1st place, South Korea has a literacy rate of 97.9%. Did you know that children often attend school seven days a week? During the Japanese occupation, South Koreans were not allowed to attend secondary school.

After the Japanese left, almost 80% of the population were illiterate. Once South Korea was able to create their educational system, their exams became strict as students were known to study for longer hours than any other country in the world.

The pressure provided more opportunities for the future as South Korea spends on education. However, families are often known to add an additional 15% to private tutoring as well as courses during the weekend.

2. Japan

Japan is considered as one of the top performing countries in literature, science, and mathematics. Children go through six years at the elementary level, three years of junior high school and another three years of high school before college.

The education system of Japan has focused on the preparation of students for their involvement in future work and society. Japan’s culture drives more people to perform well and achieve to their best abilities.

The curriculum in Japan is famous for being dense as students learn about worldly cultures in details. The science and mathematics program are also demanding as the curriculum focuses on skill-based techniques on how to do something and why it works.

3. Singapore

With only fifty years of independent existence, Singapore has created three distinct forms of education to become one of the top educational systems in the world. With the desire to improve literacy, Singapore tracked students in ability groups and focuses on teaching one learning level at a time.

Teachers also focused on learning the conceptual material. Sports and arts were also introduced into the school system where teacher development increased in funds by 2008.

Singapore also scores high in the Programme for International Student Assessment (PISA), which aims to compare and measure the overall performance of students from around the world. The school system is also known to put students under pressure at a young age – which is often frowned upon in other countries.

4. Hong Kong

As nearly the same form of education management as the UK, Hong Kong has grown into a major player in school quality. The city started to focus more on providing education to its people than cheap labor. Secondary and high education also become universal around the town as the shift to high-level thinking skills started back in the 90s.

5. Finland

In 2000, Finland topped the PISA results. However, the Ministry of Education was forced to create an entire unit to helping international students in their demands to understanding the Finnish educational system better.

The teacher education and autonomy because the cornerstones of Finland as schools were allowed choose their textbooks, books, and curriculum materials. As required, teachers must have a master’s degree. Due to the extent of their training and preparation, students are allowed the freedom to create their classroom environment.

6. Canada

In Canada, there is not a lot of difference in the performance of racial, socioeconomic, and ethnic statuses of students. Those who are also in densely populated provinces also had strong results.

The education system in Canada is considered decentralized as each territory has full power and control their curriculum. However, the regions use other models as benchmarks when creating new material. French and English are the primary levels regarding interacting in the classroom. The literacy rate in Canada is no less than 99%.

Do you live in any of the top countries with the best education systems? Comment below and share your opinions with us!

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