Want to find more tools and information about education? Check out these useful websites below.

Department of Education – The U.S. Department of Education provides useful information and help in the form of loans and grants. Check out the site to get all the information you need and learn more about financial opportunities.

The Teacher’s Corner – The Teacher’s Corner provides free tools for educators and students alike. What makes this site a favorite of ours is that it provides the same useful tools for free, while other sites have turned to a pay-structure.

HotChalk’s Lesson Plans Page – HotChalk offers a collection of over 3,000 lesson plans that vary from nursery education to high school and above.  Students of all levels can find lesson plans based on their own lessons. Users are also able to create their own plans and submit them through the site.

Macmillan Learning  – Macmillan learning helps improve learning and education to developing content with useful tools. The website provides sources from the best researchers, administrators, educations and developers in the world.

Education World – Education World helps educations from around the world connect with each other to find what works and what doesn’t. Here you will find useful resources for k-12 education, lesions, strategies and innovation for educators to useful in their classroom strategies.