Online Courses

With today’s modern role in technology, online education has never been easier. Areas Tematicas provides access to the best education to offer courses online.

All our online courses are clearly presented in a modern format and contain necessary elements you would expect in a live class, such as lectures, writing exercises as well as feedback from the instructor.

Early Childhood Education – Undergraduate

Do you enjoy helping children develop their essential learning skills that can transform their lives? This online course will deliver the necessary information to lead a meaningful career in the interest of children’s growth. With this online course, you will have the ability to make proper informed decisions about teaching and managing a strong learning environment to implement a range of educational tools.

Certificate in Teaching English to Speakers of Other Languages (TESOL)

The TESOL certificate is designed to help teachers practicing TESOL and other subject areas who wish to gain training. This TESOL course will help teaching professionals enhance their development through additional specialists training and up to date certification with the current requirements.

Certificate in Tertiary Teaching

The certificate of Tertiary Teaching offers a thorough comprehensive range of subjects to prepare you for the real-world of teaching in classrooms. The units include developing professional curriculum practices, innovation skills and leadership as well as communications in students.

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