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  • Top Countries to Work As an Educator
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    Education is important in most countries and working as an educator is among the most reputable careers. Not only does teaching have the highest rate of job satisfaction, the hours are reasonable and the amount of holidays is also to be desired. [...]
  • 9 Trends to Expect for Classroom in 2017
    In Blog, Technology
    With the everyday use of technology in today’s modern world, the number of devices is gradually increasing in the classroom. According to data, over 60% of teachers expert to incorporate more technology in the class as 80% believe that it can be [...]
  • Top 6 Countries With the Best Education Systems in the World
    In Blog, Education System
    Education is important, no matter when you live in the world. But not every country shares the same views and lessons. In the western world, we often assume that our education system is the best. However, according to research and data, that may be [...]